Wentworth Miller shows Gay Pride but Lived A Life Filled With Fear

Don’t believe everything you read online, but Stuff Website is a trusted site, so I believe this story about Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, who said last month that he is gay, what is not shocking news for me, but for a lot of Prison Break fans who admire Wentworth, who plays Michael Scofield in Prison Break, it is shocking news.


Wentworth wrote in an open letter protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws. The actor told an audience at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle, US, that he first tried to commit suicide when he was a teenager, TMZ reports. Oh Well TMZ, not one of the trusted websites from 2013, make pictures of celebs and create a own story on it, like they did with Justin Bieber.

Wentworth said : Growing up I was a target. Every day was a test and there were a thousand ways to fail it, a thousand ways to betray yourself and when you fail the test, which was guaranteed, there was a price to pay: emotionally, psychologically, physically.

Cry For Help

I paid that price – more than once.” Wentworth said at age 15 he swallowed a bottle of pills one weekend while his parents were away. He said it wasn’t a cry for help because “you only cry for help if there is help to cry for”.

Miller opened up about the torture of hiding his sexuality while working in Hollywood, saying he was “filled with fear”.

He said that during his run on Prison Break he gave “thousands of interviews. I had multiple opportunities to speak my truth. But I chose not to.”

I skipped the rest of the text from Stuff since they placed under the post a number for depressing people what is a little bit over the top and they grabbed some news from Fairfax NZ News as well.

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