Battle of the Network Stars S1 E05 Cops vs. TV Sitcoms


Battle of the Network Stars Season 1 episode 5 Cops vs. TV Sitcoms. Here are the teams for this new episode (* = returning to “Battle of the Network Stars”):

Cops (Erik Estrada, *Larry Wilcox, Kelly Hu, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, *Lorenzo Lamas) vs. TV Sitcoms (*Todd Bridges, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Dave Foley, Willie Garson, Jenna von Oy).

Team blue with Jodi will be return in another episode from Battle of the Network Stars.

Battle of the Network Stars is a nostalgic throwback to the original series where TV celebrities blended athleticism with hilarious antics.

The 10-episode summer event will pit teams of current and classic TV stars from multiple eras and different genres against one another in a variety of athletic games.

Viewers can look forward to seeing a fresh take at some of the classic show’s sporting events like Tug of War, Archery, Kayak Relay, the Obstacle Course and the Dunk Tan.