SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption No Souls Game

I was very hyped when I saw some gameplay of Sinner Sacrifice of Redemption and immidiatly reminds me of Dark Souls, till I read a topic on Reddit when Sinner for Ninetendo Switch and Playstation 4 is nothing more than a Boss rush game.

Sinner features 8 bosses; In comparison Dark Souls 2 has about 40 bosses, Dark Souls 1 about 20 and Dark Souls 3 about 30 in total. Salt and Sanctuary which is the best Souls like game in my opinion has 23 bosses. – Sculelos


There are no classes in this game and I am wondering if you can level your weapons. Every boss in the game makes you weaker, that is what the developer said.

Very dissapointing so far, game is like 20 bucks in eShop and Playstation store on October 18. For the Souls fans like me, a day later October 19th Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch will be available physical and digital eShop.

Nothing can beat Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne, better say nothing can beat FromSoftware at all.