Jodi Lyn O’Keefe After Prison Break New Movies Projects


Funny to see that some people are stop watching Jodi Lyn O’Keefe her movies and tv shows after Prison Break. I came across a website 4Chan, you know that site from the Celebrity Leaks these days if that website is related to 4Chan. The thread post was there was What happened to her? She pretty much disappeared after Prison Break.

I read the comments and they are not worth to post here, some people have seen her in Halloween H20 and a lot have seen her on Prison Break. I spotted a photo from Jodi as Gretchen Morgan in season 4, that is a long time ago when I had the domain

It was the sexy and I guess the most famous scene from Gretchen Morgan in a sexy lingery outfit when she had a date with The General. Question people still have is, what happened with her after Prison Break.

Victoria Pratt

If you still a fan from Jodi you know that she did tons of new movies and tv shows like The Hallmark movie Class, Lifetime Movies A Nanny’s Revenge and the pilot Stalkers. She went to school with her friend Victoria Pratt to follow some lessons in Bounty Hunting.

Jodi started her own Jewelry Line Q. She is on the popular TV Show Hit The Floor and The Vampire Diaries for a couple of Episodes as well. End of this year 2014 she is in a comedy movie Merry ExMas and she also did a movie with her ex boyfriend and still good friend John Cusack, Untiteled Wall Street Project.

This month Jodi is on a autograph convention with John Cusack his sister Ann Cusack. As you can see there Miss O’Keefe has been busy, and in the future there will be a lot more for Jodi Lyn O’Keefe