Destiny 2 Forsaken Worth It and How Long To Beat

Destiny 2 forsaken is worth 39 bucks for it’s story campaign. Forsaken has many missions and end bosses and even a new planet Dreaming City which one you can unlock with new missions after you defeat the end boss. How long does it take to complete Destiny 2 Forsaken ?

Level 50

For me it was more than 5 hours, I was level 50 and my power was 501. After defeat the end boss I was suprised that there was another world to unlock. You have to go to the Spider who gives you a lot of new missions to complete another chapter in Forsaken, after that you will have to do one 2 more missions to enter Dreaming City.

But what after that, well for me after do anything I was done with my character, the only thing you can do is more public events, but Dream City was very empty, did is because not everyone has reach Dreaming City and not everyone is level 50.

Gambit is good for some rounds

Gambit and crucible was for me to level up and get better gear to complete Destiny 2 and his expansions, but I will not return with the same character. I will do all classes, what means that i am busy now with my new character and do the story campaign and all expansions again. Annual Pass offers nothing more than new gear and weapons and is overprices, because it has no new content to explore.

Waiting Destiny 3

Yes I am waiting for Destiny 3. When I am done with all my classes, there is nothing in Destiny 2 to offer, public events and gambit and Crucible, they are cool to level up your character, but not to come back after beating all missions. Do much side quests in the main game as possible, because after beat the game, you will not do the side quests.