Destiny 2 Classes Subclasses Builds Boost Character Level 30

Destiny 2 has 3 classes : Hunter, Titan and Warlock, all 3 classes have 3 subclasses, which one is the best and is it worth to boost your character at the start.

Hunter :  Favorites for almost everyone. Hunter has a Triple jump and that is important because you have to jump a lot in Destiny 2 and the Triple jump will do te high jump that other classes not have at all. Best subclass for Hunter is Arcstrider. Nightstalker and Gunslinger are always one time hit. Hunter Arcstrider build :Arcbolt Grenade, Gambler’s dodge, Whirlwind Guard, Lightning Wave, Tempest Strike.

Warlock : I hate the jumps of warlock, because it has no Triple jump and jumping from platform to platform is a big frustration, you have to push one time x and when he is in the air than push x again, not quick X X like I saw on some websites.

The good thing about Warlock is his subclass :  Stormcaller, awesome to use that one in crucible and in Forsaken with a lot of enemies, good for Nightfalls and Raids. Another good subclass : Dawnblade, this one is good for some bosses.

Stormcaller build : Storm Grenade, Balanced Glide, Landfall, Rising Storm, Electrostatic Surge. Dawnblade build : Igniting Touch, strafe Glide, Firebolt Grenade

Titan : I am still busy with that class so for me this is in progress and I will update that soon

Boost Lvl 30

You have one chance for free to boost your character to level 30 and go direct to Forsaken, my advice, don’t do it, you character of your choice will have level 30 but it comes with crap armor and weapons. Forsaken start in The Prison of Elders and the enemies there are hard, with the armor and weapons you get you will have a hard time.


If you have boost your character go direct in Gambit or Crucible to get better armor and weapons and replace everything quick with the purple ones or at least weapons with a bigger range. If you want boots all your characters you have to buy silver with real money.

In Destiny 1 you had the chance to boost all characters to level 25 without paying anything. Destiny 2 has only 1 time free boots. You can buy better weapons and stuff from Everest, because the Exotics are rare and hard to find.