Crips NL – Strapped N Strong, The Hague, Rotterdam

In the Netherlands we have a corridor called Crips, related to the infamous Crips in Los Angeles. This documentary is about the violent life of a gang in The Hague, the Crips, consisting of a group of Antilleans and Surinamese, dealing with armed robberies, drug trafficking and gangsta rap. The film portrays a culture of violence in an almost uncensored manner and, moreover, manages to penetrate to the thoughts and feelings that lie behind the faces of the gangster.


Crips shows that there is no glorification of the bullshit the gang is working on. “Slipping” and “snitchen” are punished and stepping out of the “corridor” is certainly not an option. Yet there are always young “homies” ready to continue “gangbanging.” It is the story of Keylow, who keeps the gang together, of Main C. who wants to step out of the set because of his children and of Santos, who returns to Suriname to be “someone” again.

Crips Netherlands better known under the gang name Main Triad Neighborhood Crips, founder Keylow who lives in The Hague Netherlands. There is also a book named Crips NL written by Paul van Staple. I have the book and the DVD both. Crips are worldwide just like the game MS13.