After Destiny 2 Forsaken which Destiny is Better 1 or 2


Destiny 2 Forsaken is the last expansion for Destiny 2 and it is huge, but which Destiny game is better, Destiny 1 or Destiny 2 ?

Answer : Destiny 2 for the story campains and their expansions, but Destiny 1 is better because of the Crucibles and Strikes.

Destiny 1 has :

  • Rift in Crucible, I really miss that
  • Crucible has the choice to do Control, Rumble or Rift
  • Strikes are a part of the Story Campaign
  • Better music in between battles
  • Better menu structure
  • One end boss in each mission
  • Expansions has a book option mode
  • Boots 1 character to level 25

Destiny 2 has :

  • More options in customize weapons and gear
  • No choice in Crucible, because quickplay is always control
  • Strikes is not a part of the story Campaign
  • Story Campaign is better in telling story
  • Curse of Osiris is a great expansion, different locations than the other expansions incl Forsaken
  • Forsaken is huge !
  • Forsaken end boss is not the end of Forsaken, there is Dream City !
  • Destiny 2 all 3 Expansions has a lot of end bosses
  • Adventures sub missions are a part of some main missions in Forsaken, so you can’t skip them, that’s cool stuff
  • Tons of options in the menu like.
  • Gambit
  • Go direct to Forsaken to boots your character

Destiny 2 is for me in person the best Destiny 2, it has more bosses and even if you think you are done with a mission, there is always more. I was surprised after Forsaken end boss that there where so many more missions to enter another world Dreaming City. Very very happy with that.

Nightfalls and Gambit

I read a lot of stories that Destiny 2 is nothing and dead, but that is for the most of the part for the online mode. Gambit is a cool new feature in Destiny 2 but after 10 times you have seen that, every Gambit has 2 rounds.

About Nigtfalls, I don’t care about that, I did even Public events by my own, so I will do a Nightfall soon, yes there are options that you can do that alone, but the Beta gamemode Nightfall has required a chat voice, I hate chat voice and always turn that off

The Bad

I have a little problem with the weapons, I see exotics in my inventory and they are locked even when I have the materials, figure that out soon i hope. The other thing is that the purchased things like Annual Pass and the Everest buy thing, I don’t get it. I have paid for the main game and all their expansions, that is more than enough. I will never buy some loot boxes in what ever game it will be.

Be careful with Character Boots in Destiny 2

You have the option in Destiny 2 to boots your character BUT if you do that in the very beginning of the game you won’t be able to do the story modes Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, so please don’t unless you don’t care about the story modes in the main game and the 2 expansions, but you miss a lot. If you want direct to Forsaken, go ahead boots your character and you can start in Forsaken direct.

In Destiny 1 you can also boots to level 25, but you could still do the full campaign, very weird. Anyway I will not do that.


Once in a while I will play the whole collection Destiny, start with Destiny 1 and their expansions followed by Destiny 2 and all their expansions, leave it after that for a year and do it again. I will also play all chacter classes, but my favorite is Hunter in Destiny 1 and 2.