Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Plays The Private School Beauty In Halloween H20

The combination of upper-class beauty, precocious assertiveness and sunny sex appeal harks back to Alic MacGraw in Love Story and Cybill Shepherd in The Hearthbreak Kid.

As the daughter of Don Johnson on Nash Bridges, the then 20 years old Jodi Lyn O’Keefe has mastered the impersonation of a pampered, spoiled Ivy Legue dadd’s girl who might willingly shove a guy over the edge without batting an eyelash.

Jodi proved she could translate her alter ego to the big screen when she played the terrorized private school beauty in Halloween: H20 and the high school senior bitch who dumps Freddie Prinze Jr. in the comedy movie She’s All That.

It’s too soon to guess, though, whether Jodi O’Keefe has it in her to become a rightful heir to edgy Sharon Stone type man-killer roles or whether she’ll end up the next Jennifer Connelly. It is true that almost all movies and tv series where Jodi is in it after Prison Break, where she played Gretchen Morgan, she played a lot of bad guy roles.

Sexy Bomb

In Castle she jumps on Nathan Fillion, In the comedy Two and a Half Men she is playing with fire, In The Exes she played a sexy bomb and so on. Of course Jodi has also some serious roles where she is not the bad guy at all like in the drama movie Class and Exposed.

Jodi can play all type of roles. She is not the new type of Sharon Stone, she is even better than that. Jodi is just Jodi